Another Round

I have being going through waves of exercise periods here lately. I’ll get on a roll for a few months, then drop off for a week, then hit it hard again for another month, then slack for the next. You get the idea. In fact, the last time I was consistently training was probably last spring, when The Man and I were going on gym dates twice a week and I was training for a 5k.

Then school got out for the summer. Then it got hot. Then I went on vacation. Then it got hotter than hell.

You see a pattern? Welcome to Louisiana. People don’t run outside in the summertime here. The only time you do that is if..  well.. maybe if you…  no, can’t think of any good reason. It’s just “too darn hot”, as Ella would put it. I actually tried to do a 5k this summer, and suffered from heat exhaustion (shakes, chills, dizziness) during the run. And I get bored on the treadmill, so that idea never lasts too long. Thus, me gets lazy.

To jump start myself again, I’ve decided I need something to work for, and that something would be the race I just registered for. It’s the Spa10k in Hot Springs, Arkansas, on November 21st. It’s just what I need to get myself going again. I’ve run in four 5k’s now, and although I haven’t gotten the time that I would like, it is just not that important to me. I’m not really competitive. I don’t care if I win anything. I just want to do it. I want to run the race. I want to complete something that I previously could not. I want to check it off my list.

And that is what I am going to do.

5 weeks of training should be just enough time to get it done. I’m looking forward to it. Spending my time tonight making new playlist for my ipod, and considering buying a new toy, the Garmin Forerunner 205. Happy October to me.

I went on a jog today, before I registered, to convince myself that I was strong enough to sign up. It was a beautiful evening, with perfect temperatures and a lovely sunset. Lucky for me, my road has hills, so hopefully I’ll be ready for Arkansas’ rolling hills in a month.

My road

My road

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