Like mother, like daughter?

Speaking of blessing my heart, this little girl does it every single day for me.


My first born, my Abby. She knows momma goes running a lot. Yesterday she wanted to go with me, she wanted to run. I told her I was running a long way. She said she could do it. We got 500 feet down the road and she was done. We raced back home.

Then I offered for her to ride her bike beside me while I ran. Her eyes lit up and she eagerly hopped on. Riding a “2 wheeler” bike is still relatively new for her, but she is doing a great job.

The road inclines for a bit at first so she stayed right beside me. There we were, mom and daughter, going down the road. It’s quiet, until she turns her head to the side a bit, just barely though, so she still has her eyes on the road, and says “I love you, Mom”.

My heart melts.

Every parent knows that the unsolicited “I love you” is pretty much the greatest thing in the world. You didn’t have to prompt it out of them, they just felt like they needed to tell you. Sweetness.

So there we were, side by side, going down the road. Then she gets a little faster. And turns the corner before me. Then around the cul-de-sac and passes me going the opposite direction. I tell her, “Abby, wait for mommy”. She ignores me and keeps on pedaling. I can’t help to think that this is the way it’ll be from now on.

She’ll love me. And then leave me behind to go live her own adventure.

But I guess I’m okay with that. I guess. Maybe.


I know that she watches me, and pays attention to what Mommy is doing. Sometimes she asks for a “healthy apple” to eat, or a big glass of water that “is good for you”. And I can’t tell you how proud I was when I found her in my room one day, lifting a 5 pound dumbbell over her head repeatedly and telling me that she was exercising. She even ate a bite of spinach the other day, because she knows that makes Popeye’s muscles bigger.


She loves to flex her muscles to let me measure how much bigger and stronger they are getting. It makes me happy to know that I have given my daughter a base to begin her own journey in life. And believe me, she has balance. I believe she got a fistful of Halloween candy after this little adventure.


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  1. Jeanette says:

    This brought tears to my eyes……You are a great mom!!!

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