Tuesday I was scheduled to run 3 miles, but it was my Christmas concert day at school and that just wasn’t going to happen, so I missed it. Wednesday, well, lemme tell you ’bout Wednesday.

My sisters and I have been secretly planning a visit for them to come down from Oregon for a few days without my mom knowing. Their flight was yesterday and they were landing at 3pm. Before they got here, however, I had quite the list of things to do.

Clean the floors/bathrooms/laundry/dishes. Turn in a shirt order to the print shop for school. Spend the last of a gift certificate before it expired. Meet Jerod for lunch. Swap vehicles to pick them up. Pick up Abby at school. Run.

It would have been so very easy to tell myself that I was just too busy to run yesterday. I had a full days worth of running around to do. But instead, I decided to make it a priority. Just like scrubbing the toilets. It was just something that HAD to be done before the guests arrived. After sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping the floors, I quickly changed into my running gear and headed out the door for a quick 2 miler. Got it done.

I was thinking the whole time while running… “this is what you have to do if you want to get this half marathon done. you have to make it a priority. it has to be done. like laundry. brushing your teeth. even peeing. one of life’s necessaries. get it done”.

It was cold and windy, but it’s over.

And I’ve got to do it again today. 🙂 3 miles.

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