Hey, it’s Mrs. Claus!

I had another 3.5 miles to do today. Three factors kept me from doing it.

  • A torrential downpour of rain.
  • Sleeping in (like, the whole family) till almost 10 am.
  • Not getting home from Christmas Eve lunch till after dark.

So while I succeeded in completing Tuesday’s run for the first time in training, I missed today’s. I’m not too happy about this. At all. But I’m trying to tell myself that these things are just going to happen and keep my eyes on the end goal. Keep trucking along.

I have to honestly say, that when it comes to my training plan for this half-marathon, I am really just ready to get Christmas over with. Don’t throw rocks at me! I love seeing my girls enjoy Christmas, but this is completely throwing me off. Routine is a key element for me if I am going to be successful, and these last few weeks have had nothing even remotely close to a routine.

It’s almost over.

Just hang on.




oh, yeah…

Merry Christmas 😉

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