Whirlwind weekend

I told The Man tonight that I felt pretty proud of myself. The best way for me to feel good about myself is to be very productive. If I get something done, something substantial, I can finally relax and not feel like a lazy slob.

Relax before work = Lazy Slob

Relax after work = Awesome Super Woman Who DESERVES Rest!!!

That being said, if you could take a picture of me right now this is what you’d see…

Or, rather, something like her…

With brown hair.

And pajamas pants, tshirt, and zippered hoodie.

And a little cellulite here and there.

Reclined on a red leather chair in a messy house somewhere in Louisiana.



Okay, nevermind, where was I?

Productive. Yes. This week and weekend I was a factory that produces production in a very productive way, if you get my drift. Busy busy with band related work stuff and such. Friday I was at the school from 7am till 1am the following day (except for a quick trip to drop the girls off at my mother’s house) and Saturday I was at a different school for another 10 hours or so. Sunday, which is today, well I didn’t feel like doing anything. Sleeping, really, is all that I wanted.

I did NOT want to run. Period.

My legs/knees/ankles have been tight and sore since last Sunday’s 7 miler and combined with the crazy schedule I had this week I was juuust about to talk myself into resting today.

But I didn’t rest.

Around 3:30 I saw that the sun was on it’s way down and it was now or never. I was scared that if I missed my long run today, it would just be an excuse for me to tumble down into laziness and start missing all kinds of workouts. I knew I had to get out there and just get something done.

I forced myself out of my comfy nobody-better-knock-on-the-door-and-see-me-like-this clothes and got into my running gear. After loading up my ipod with a Jillian Michael’s podcast, I was out the door and immediately feeling better. All fatigue and soreness was forgotten and it was just me and the road and freezing temperatures. I put myself on cruise control and knew that I could go for more than the minimum 3 miles I was planning to do, I could actually go ahead and do a long run.

And a long run I did…

That right there says 7 miles in 1:26 minutes. Whew, that’s a long time to run! And nevermind the pace it has on that picture. That’s my pace while standing in my kitchen taking a picture. My average pace for this run was 12:29 per mile. Yes, I’m still a turtle. At least for long runs, short runs average around 10:50 per mile. And no, it wasn’t the 8 miles that I had wished to do, but my training plan only has me scheduled to do 6, so I am still ahead as far as that goes. I’ll save the 8 for next Sunday when I shouldn’t be near worn out.

So that’s all I have for this week. Not much, but like I said, other things have filled my plate these last few days. I am proud of myself for once again making my run a priority in my day. 5 weeks down, 7 weeks to go!!!

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