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After the terrible week I had last week, I can’t say that I was all psyched up to do a long run on Sunday. I went to a new place that I thought might be good, but it turns out it was a little too hilly for a successful long run. I called it quits after 6.3 miles, but left feeling very unsatisfied. My Sunday runs have progressed in this order:

week 1 – 4 miles

week 2 – 5 miles

week 3 – 6 miles

week 4 – 7 miles

week 5 – 7 miles

week 6 – 3 miles (most terrible training week from hell)

week 7 – Divided Run 6.3/2 = 8.3 miles

Yeah, so I wasn’t happy with not going past 7 on my morning run, so I went home for a couple of hours to let my hip rest then set out again for 2 more miles. Not the best way to train, but it gave me my mileage for the day. Speaking of my hip, that was the main reason my runs haven’t been doing so hot lately. My hip flexor on my right side has been super tight and sore, making it to where every stride is painful. I’ve been taking extra care to do more stretching this week and it seems to help.

But to tell you the truth, if you really want to know, every run now brings out a different ache in this 31 year old body. I’m feeling every hit to the pavement. I’m recovering faster though, so that’s good 🙂

This week has started off really strong for me. I just completed 4.5 on the dreadmill tonight with a faster pace than usual. I was at a different gym with different equipment and I think that helped a little. Looking forward to the rest of the week now.

Kinda sad I don’t have any food pics for you tonight 🙁  My meals are consisting of leftovers and grazing, mostly. Maybe I’ll get creative soon.

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