Springin’ into this thing

Yeah for running! I’ve missed it! I have not been very consistent for the last month, but I’m finally ready to get back in to it. If nothing else, it’s nice to have time to just be me by myself. 30 minutes of me and my thoughts and my music. Good therapy 🙂

The temperature (and HUMIDITY) is definitely creeping higher. It’s going to be hard to get out there when summer gets here 🙁 We southerners tend to hibernate in the air conditioning come May.

After I back to the house, I walked over to check my crepe myrtle and found a little friend.

I *LOVE* dragonflies. This’n was a big’n 🙂

Then I looked around to find mess everywhere else. I’m tired of oak tree trash all over my yard!

But I tried to take time to enjoy the little things that make me happy:

I hope you still stop and spread the dandelion seeds from time to time as well 🙂 Make a wish!

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2 Responses to Springin’ into this thing

  1. jacque says:

    from the looks of the first picture… it is a “little” cold there 🙂 heheheh… headlights are on…

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