A pause and a breath

Hey there. It’s been a long time.

I’ve had the best of intentions – truly, I have. But you know how that goes….   I approached the last few weeks of teaching at school and it seemed as though the whole world landed on my head. Ouch! I’m on summer break now, though, so all is well on the home AND work front. I’ll give you the short run of what has been on my mind these last few weeks –

  • My foot problem. I think I’ve mentioned before about my foot hurting me before and after runs.. it hasn’t gotten any better. I definitely have some sort of issue with the joints in the ball of my left foot.  It has put running on a hiatus for about two months now, but I tried a 2 miler today with different shoes and had good results. I am hoping that it will lessen with the different shoes. I’m not sure, but all internet research leads me to believe I have sesamoid problem.
  • My workouts with the Man are still going strong, but I unfortunately haven’t lost any weight 🙁 I’m getting a lot stronger, though.. so I’ll keep at it. And I will have to tell you that I’m getting some nice thigh and butt muscles from the squats that weren’t there before 🙂
  • We, the family, just got back from a week-long vacation on the Florida gulf coast. It was beautiful. The day after we left we heard that the oil had made it where we were. This spill is devastating to me. So much bigger than people realize, I fear.
  • This summer is all about baking experiments for me! So far this week I’ve tried pumpernickel bread, sourdough, and a failed healthy cookie. I will share the recipes when I get something right 🙂 I’m not sure how making bread everyday is going to help me lose weight, but it’s something I’m willing to work around. I love my carbs!

Since I’ve neglected posting for a while, I thought I might give you a little slideshow of what’s been going on… hope you enjoy!

I have no excuses now – I will be back!

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