Pain and a Plan

I hate my back right now. Here’s the deal. In middle school I came down for a rebound. Something happened. Something hurt. I spent the rest of the game laying on my stomach with an ice pack. The doctor said I pulled a muscle. Said to stretch.

Pshhh. It’s more than that.

Long story short: Saw a chiropractor and thought it helped until one adjustment left me in paralyzing pain after I drove off. Cried in a grocery store parking lot for a good 20 minutes until I was able to move.  I finally got an MRI about 10 years ago and found out I had one ruptured and one herniated disc. Old damage. Yeah, it happened in middle school… The Doc told me I would have to have surgery one day but for now I was young and to go home.

That was it.

I’ve been lucky and it hasn’t been a problem in 3 or 4 years. But, as I’m currently falling apart in my 32nd year on Earth, it has flared up again. There was not one moment where I injured it again; I think it was just from gradual irritation as I spring cleaned around the house and garden these last few weeks. Having a bad back is terrible. Not only does it cause immense pain, but the cause of the pain is INSIDE the body, so you can’t really prove to others how much you hurt. Like, for instance, you severed your arm (or, at least, fingertip, as two of my coworkers have done recently). You have a nice, big bleeding wound with evidence of your pain oozing all over the place. “Wow. Look at that! That must hurt like hell!!”

That doesn’t happen with back pain. It’s kinda like a headache… Nobody seems to really believe how much you hurt. Unless, of course, they have been there.

Let me show you a little something-

source source

You know how the thought of a dentist hitting a nerve while he is drilling your tooth makes you cringe? Well. Think of a bad back pretty much doing the same thing, only the nerve is your Sciatic nerve and it sends pain exploding down your back, butt, leg, and toes, making it feel numb at the same time so you feel wobbly and can’t walk correctly. You can’t stand up straight, because that only presses onto the nerve more. It feels pretty much like death, and nobody can tell. Except, of course, for the wails of agony and a face that I have only made during back pain and childbirth (pretty similar).

Good news is, I’m on the mend. After a weekend of doing bupkis and then regretfully having to take two days off of work, I feel as though I am recovering. These last three days have been nothing but Ibuprofen, ice packs, heating pads, and sleep, on constant rotation.

Another bit of good news…. two little blonde beauties have been learning how to do the dishes this week 🙂

Yay for chores!

In other news… we started a little challenge on Sunday. We spent a freaking butt load, and I mean BUTT LOAD of money (over $1200.00!) on groceries and eating out last month. We are challenging ourselves to eat every meal at the house. I am documenting it all and will have a post on Saturday of all of the meals for the week. No happy meals for the girls! No eating a fast food lunch when we forgot ours at home! No hitting up the local restaurant at 7:00pm because we are all too tired to do anything else! There is only one exception that I know of for the month, a trip to Six Flags. Other than that… game ON.

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3 Responses to Pain and a Plan

  1. Jennifer Brown says:

    Girl I feel your pain! I’ve had a rib out of place for the entire school year. I have an ace bandage wrapped around my ribcage all day long. It sucks because people assume that you feel just fine because you keep going to work and doing your job. I hope it gets better for you very soon.

    • blessmyheart says:

      An out of place rib? Ouch! I had to reschedule my concert for next week… horrible timing for an injury.
      My school was good about me getting off and the rescheduling… it’s just hard for me to ask off when I can’t SHOW them what’s wrong. Maybe I am the one who feels like I need something to show for it. Although, I never take off, so that in itself should be a big sign, right?

  2. Shannon says:

    All I can say is that I love you and that I really do know how you feel.

    I hope that you can get by for a long time w/ just OTC meds and rest. I have been an unhappy camper w/ this damn back of mine.

    I hope that it stays well. Download the stretches they would make you do in rehab and do those, they do help, but you have to stay on top of them.

    Good Luck!!!!

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