What I Do Instead

I drive my kids to school every morning and pick them up every afternoon. We talk about their days during the 30 minute commute.

I Crossfit with some lovely ladies and linger after class to talk about what’s going on in our lives.

I left the house this afternoon and met The Man at one of our favorite coffeeshops. We sit for hours, drenched in fast and free wi-fi, and get our dreaming and downloading done.

I meet new and old friends for lunch and gossip.

I shop at Target right after the doors open in the morning. It’s like my own private store. It’s heaven.

I paint and repair things around the house a lot faster than I used to.

I visit my Granny and have patience to answer her repetitive questions.

I stay in my pajamas till noon and catch up on The Walking Dead.

I make dinner. Boom!

I redo my daughters room while she is at school.

I can let The Man practice his bass guitar in the living room without my nerves being shot for the day. It’s actually nice to hear him play.

I can plan trips in the middle of the week. In the middle of the month. In the middle of the school year.

I can help The Man become a better boss by helping him with office work. It’s a win/win.

I can go on field trips to watch Louisiana Tech basketball games and watch my youngest dance in the seats.

I can go to a fancy salon and cover my grey hairs on a regular basis. In the morning.

I can do all of these things in the timespan of a week.

And I am not stressed out.

I do not miss teaching anymore.


I also supervise cake cookie making!

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