January One, 2017

My family has made a deal. We all have taken a cut to our social media in order to be less distracted and have more face-to-face, quality moments. It’s starts here on the first of the year. Maybe not a resolution, just a movement in the right direction. I have deactivated Facebook, Jerod has taken social media apps off his phone, Abby has deleted Instagram and Snapchat, and Savannah lost her ipod (well, that happened, regardless).

So here we are. The first day was productive. We took down Christmas and watched a few movies. Abby has the stomach virus that we picked up in Oregon. Savannah and Jerod are the only ones that haven’t got it. Maybe they will squeak by.

I think I’m fixing to set up the home gym in the garage that I was gifted for Christmas. Looking forward to a productive 2017.

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