Budgets and Bread

No Facebook Tuesday had The Man and I sitting down all morning going over our budget and plans for the year. There were some major miscommunications but we lined it all up. Funny thing is, we were headed in the same direction, but looking at it in completely different ways. The more and more I grow older in this relationship, the more I see that this is a major area of disconnect. Men and women just see things differently. And there is nothing wrong with that, but it takes a lot of effort and patience to figure it out and work on the compromising language.

This afternoon I made a shopping list for the week (new budget!) and decided NOT to shop. I’ll wait for tomorrow morning when the stores are empty. I am making bread instead for the girls to have something to take to school for lunch (pantry is EMPTY, hello PB&J!)

I took a moment to call my Dad and schedule a visit in two weeks. Something else I would have probably not have done but did instead of procrastinating online. Glad I did it. We miss him.

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