His Name is Louie

We sat down next to a table full of them. I recognized them for what they were immediately. Emotion swelled in my chest. 

Aging Veterans. 

Their caps gave them away more than anything. Proud badges worn as crowns, declaring their membership into a special society. 

The conversation drifted from whom “we’ve lost”, to living wills, to so-and-so with Alzheimer’s, to what a great meeting they will have tomorrow night. 

These men in the military caps, so much like my Grandad in his of red… I had to say something to them. I looked their way several times as they all got up and left. Finally, I made eye contact with the last as he came back from the trash bin. 

“You know, the only thing wrong with this, is that I am about 67 years too old.”

I love flirty old men. Their confidence abounds. 

“Hello!”, I smiled, “I want to thank you for your service.”

I told him quickly about my grandfather being in WW2. He told me he was a test pilot on the Bell Helicopter. I told him I thought that was amazing. 

Because it is. Read about it here.

He smiled again and opened his wallet, handing me a business card. This card holds this mans pride and joy. Take some time and read his story. He deserves it. 

And never be afraid to tell a Veteran “thank you”. Even from a coffee table at Books-a-Million. It was my Grandad’s favorite thing. His name was Jake.

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