Sitting on the Porch

The air is sticky and settles onto my nose.I feel it when I blink, my eyelids slowed by the moisture of June.


The cat is here. She doesn’t come around much but when she does I know before I see her. The nesting pair of brown thrashers make a tsuk tsuk tsuk sound. Like pulling air between teeth with your tongue. A warning from atop the Crepe Myrtle he planted a few years ago.

The neighbor is talking with a friend. They always face the road and when I’m outside that road faces me and so, “are they looking at me?”

But look, the lightning bugs are out in his yard.

There’s one. Two! Three four five. I wonder if it’s all the rain we’ve had?

The gardenia is blooming. She’s big and beautiful and full this year. The sweet smell comes to my right side first. I look that way.

There’s the cat.

Ouch! A mosquito on my leg. Time to go inside.

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