The Girl With The Wings



I was going to just reshare this on my social media, but I quickly deleted as I had a feeling in my gut that I needed to expound on what this means to me. More and more, I carry around stories in my belly as though they are children waiting to be born. Waiting to make their mark on the world, in whatever way they can. I am continuing to figure out how to be more intentional with bringing them to life, and that starts here at 11:23pm on Monday night.

I want to talk about the above poem, but in a different view. Not of the boy, but of the firefly.

The girl with the wings.

The girl that thought she had to shine bright enough for her Daddy to finally love her like she needed.

The girl that shined bright enough to keep boys around to chase, but they never seemed to want to put her in a jar, even when she wanted to be kept.

The girl that worked with boys that didn’t like her at all. They tried to smother the light out of her.

The girl that worked with boys that liked her too much. A false spotlight that distracted from true light.

The girl that has the boy. The boy that holds the firefly in the palm of his hand, the jar smashed on the ground. But she can’t fly because she thinks the jar is still there. The invisible glass that was there for so long.

The thing about the above poem is the fact that the firefly allows itself to be trapped in the first place. So many women, myself very much included, are waiting for a man to validate their existence. We can not feel value in ourselves until someone shows us, convinces us, that we are wanted. That we are needed. That we are indispensable; so highly valued that we must be preserved in a jar. The jar that holds us in.

This is unfair. And I’m going to talk about myself from now on, because we all have our own journey and this is mine.

The girl with the wings should fly higher than the hands that want to trap her.

The girl needs to love her Daddy like he didn’t know how to love her. Everyone needs love.

The girl needs to shine bright enough for anyone that needs light can find their way to her.

The girl needs to fly away from the ones that hold and trap.

The girl that has the boy. The boy that holds the firefly in the palm of his hand, the jar smashed on the ground. She needs to trust that boy, because he wants her to fly and shine as bright as she can. He always has.

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