There are a handful of spaces of time in my life where a decision had to be made. A decision to follow {the heart, the gut, the mind, the Spirit}, or remain.

When I was 14, my Mother asked if I wanted to stay in Wyoming or move near family in Louisiana. I said, “Let’s go.” The South is, and will always be, HOME.

When the boy showed up at school, and I knew I had to be with him for the rest of my life. We’ve been together for 18 years.

When I quit teaching at Ouachita Junior to move to Dallas, only to be surprised with an offer to teach in Calhoun. Where I found family in friends, and true fulfillment in teaching.

When we turned the car around to go talk to The Man’s dad about helping him with his business. They now run a growing and successful business together.

When I left teaching to help take care of my grandparents. After seeing my Grandad to the other side, I was also free to take care of my newly diagnosed daughter.

Of course, there have been more, less significant, moments of decision-making along the way. These five moments in time, however, are the Life Changers. The 180°s. The decisions that, once decided AND acted upon….well, they changed everything.

Do you know what that feels like?

Of course you do. The feeling, the disturbance, the pressure of movement. It’s like having to move your leg after a long sit in a tight airplane seat. An impulse inside that tells you that you might go crazy if something doesn’t happen; you must make a move.

These moments are different from dreams and goals. You can wish for things all day, every day, and they will not come to pass.

These moments are organic. These moments are natural and unforced. These moments make your life better in a way you could have never imagined when you honor and follow the path you are set on.

Which leads me here.

Months ago, I felt compelled to buy a passport holder on a random shopping trip.

I didn’t have a passport.

But I bought it, and stored it in my bedside table. I saw it. And looked at it. And thought, over and over, “I should go get my passport”.  And then closed the drawer. Months, and months, I kept the drawer closed and the moment hidden.

And then one day.

I dropped the kids off at school and drove straight to the post office. And then left, because it wasn’t open. Then drove back and went straight in.

Then waited for another 10 minutes in the lobby for the passport office to open.

And then I ordered my passport.

And then I got my passport.

And then I followed my gut, my heart, my mind, the Spirit.

Which leads me to today. The day I filled out my booking information and paid a deposit for a trip for two to a place I know I must go.

If all goes well and my dates are accepted (and they should be, as I am booking early)…

I will be standing at the Sun Gate to Machu Picchu as the sun rises on my 40th birthday, September 27th, 2018.

Part of this moment is sharing this journey. I know that I am supposed to go on this trip, and I am supposed to share it. To write and write and write about all the things that I have to do to prepare. To be on top of the hill as I go “over the hill”. To put myself in a vulnerable position of openness and honesty as I set out to get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

I don’t know if Machu Picchu is on your bucketlist, but something is.

Something gnaws at your bones.

Something won’t leave you alone.

Something is waiting for you to go get it.

So go.

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