243 till 40

Something in me is pushing me to write daily until the big event on September 27 (when I turn 40 on top of Machu Picchu!). I have a lot of things I need to accomplish before then. I am working on a running program, a strength program, a stack of books to read, and a house updating project.

Along with my occasional larger posts, I want to challenge myself to keep daily posts on my progress for self-improvement. Much like the artist doing a daily drawing challenge… but with words. My goal is to improve my consistency with getting my words down, and of course, accountability towards my goals.

Exercise posts seem to be self-serving, but I have actually been motivated to get out and go run this week because of social media post that my friends have made about getting moving. Maybe this will help someone with their own personal growth.

My running program is from the guys over at the Whole Life Challenge. It’s a slow moving beginner progression to running for 60 minutes straight. My goals for completing this program are to increase overall stamina for the hike in September, and prepare for the Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash that I will be participating in this spring.

You can find the program here. I just finished week 4 today.

That’s it for today. I hope to share what I’m doing with my physical training, my nutrition, and my intellectual studies through reading and podcasts. This year is all about discovery  and implementation. I’m enjoying the journey so far.


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