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Sunday. The Man got called out so I used it as an excuse to stay at home and leave the kids with some much-longed-for pajama time while I watched our church service on live stream. It’s a great substitute but not quite as sweet as the real thing.

This weekend has been a great reminder of how important having down time at your home can be. We usually just don’t have any. Time is filled with leaving again, or grinding out a project here or there. It’s been different this weekend. We blocked it off to start putting tile down in our house, but the tile is not going to be available for another week or so. That left us with a couple of days of just


I’m not going to lie, it’s been pretty wonderful. Jerod got to dink around on Mr. Toad, our ’90 Land Cruiser project car, and I finished one book and started another.

And we binged Netflix and slept in and stayed up and cooked and played Monopoly.

It was everything that a weekend should be, and a great reminder of why we work and hustle and seek out and procure…

So that we may have a home to enjoy and be at peace in.

Oh, and I recommend that everyone own a hammock. The packable ones are great but this time I mean a big obnoxious one. I received one for Christmas and put it up this week and it’s been my BFF ever since.


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