The Women that Stand Beside Us.

The most valuable thing a woman can possess is the ability to see that she is not alone. It may be that this is something that we don’t truly understand until we get older, when the stubbornness and independence of youth starts to fade, and space is made for wisdom and understanding. Or maybe I have just made a little bit of open space in my head and heart this past year.

From my view, the community of women surrounding us falls into three different areas:

The Women Outside

These are the ladies that you know only from a distance, but their actions or words have lit up dark places inside of you. These are the writers and the activists. The storytellers and the trailblazers. The woman who just popped into your head? That’s the one I’m talking about. Whether it be from books, podcasts, articles, or stories passed around the dining table, I believe it is important to seek out women that have been on a similar path that you, and can give you indirect advice from their point of view.

These are the women that you follow on social media who inspire you, not the ones that make you feel inadequate about your current status. Positive vibes only.

The Women Next Door

These women are the friends that pray for you, the coworkers that listen and work you through your bad days, and the strangers that give a helping hand when your toddler runs away from you in the grocery store. Each one of these women are so valuable in their own way.

These women float in and out of your life. It’s a bittersweet event over time and in the space in which you live. You generally want to hold on to them all as much as you can, but that’s just not the way it works. Cherish them while they are there, however long or short the time may be.

The Women that Stand Beside Us

These are your rocks. These are the women that celebrate your happiest moments with as much joy as if the moment was their own. These are the women that sit on the ground with you when your life has been shattered. Rocks cannot be forced or coerced into becoming rocks, and there is no time requirement for this relationship. These are the women you just KNOW are your people, and you know that they are standing beside you.

These are the most important women.

Today, I was surrounded by all of these beautiful ladies. They were in my stereo, at the dining table, on the phone, and in my memories. It was a beautiful day full of community and love.

I’m looking forward to another one tomorrow.

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