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Oh my goodness, it’s been busy. The Man and I worked all weekend painting and laying the rest of the tile in Abby’s room. The girls have been sharing an airbed and it has almoooost worn out its stay. I’m proud of them for being such good troopers throughout all of this.

They have been so good that it might have been the motivation for a major treat I signed them up for yesterday.


Well, kinda space camp. Abby’s older so she will be going to Space Academy, and Savannah is my little creative so we signed her up for the Robotics Camp. They will be going the same week this summer and they are both pretty excited about it.

I wasn’t able to run today like I wanted (and was super motivated for, for real). It was my day to work on the floor. After a morning of prepping, I started grouting at 1pm. This was me after the first line was done. I feel like I got an adequate workout today, nevertheless.

I perservered and was able to finish up six hours later (lots of mom-duty breaks).

  • My hands are raw.
  • My knees are raw.
  • My back is tight.
  • I’m looking forward to Netflixing with the cat tomorrow.

Just kidding. I need to wipe it down 58 more times to get the haze off the tile, then seal . I’m liking the look so far, though. This is the Metro Charcoal tile from Home Depot.

We are definitely not professionals but I think we did pretty good. We’ll be experts by the time we finish Savannah’s room. And the living room. And the kitchen. And the laundry. And our bedroom.

Yikes. This is going to be a process.

I need to go to sleep now 😉

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