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The Hill

There’s a hill on my road that I despise. Well, despise might be a little strong, but I don’t like it very much at all. It makes me uncomfortable. It’s steep on both sides, creating a blind spot on the … Continue reading

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241 to 40

Tired of me yet? I was tired of me today. Felt blah. Did blah things. I had a run on my schedule but procrastinated and napped until it was dark and I couldn’t go. I looked out the window and … Continue reading

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242 till 40

Sunday. The Man got called out so I used it as an excuse to stay at home and leave the kids with some much-longed-for pajama time while I watched our church service on live stream. It’s a great substitute but … Continue reading

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243 till 40

Something in me is pushing me to write daily until the big event on September 27 (when I turn 40 on top of Machu Picchu!). I have a lot of things I need to accomplish before then. I am working … Continue reading

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The Perfect, The One She Loves

I have made my way to understanding the reason that I don’t write as much as I used to, even though I have an unending supply of things to say. My daughter, Abby. When I started writing about life here … Continue reading

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There are a handful of spaces of time in my life where a decision had to be made. A decision to follow {the heart, the gut, the mind, the Spirit}, or remain. When I was 14, my Mother asked if … Continue reading

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Accept the darkness

The “time” changed this past Sunday. The end of Daylight Savings and the return to Standard. The Man and I have decided that we would much rather stay on Standard all year around, but that decision doesn’t matter much so … Continue reading

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Bloom, regardless.

  Maybe you’ve been neglected for a season. You haven’t been watered. You haven’t been fed. No one has checked on you to see how you are fairing. You were never planted. Your roots are bound in a pot that’s … Continue reading

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The Girl With The Wings

  I was going to just reshare this on my social media, but I quickly deleted as I had a feeling in my gut that I needed to expound on what this means to me. More and more, I carry … Continue reading

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Sitting on the Porch

The air is sticky and settles onto my nose.I feel it when I blink, my eyelids slowed by the moisture of June. Tomorrow. The cat is here. She doesn’t come around much but when she does I know before I … Continue reading

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