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Half Marathon Race Recap

It’s been a week since I ran my half, so I figure it’s about time to let you all know how it went :). The Man and I put our little girls in the hands of his mother and headed … Continue reading

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Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

Sunday’s run rocked! I killed 9 miles for the first time!!!!! I FINALLY feel like I can do this. Anxiety that has been building in me for the last few weeks melted away as the miles rolled on a gorgeous, … Continue reading

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Time keeps ticking

After the terrible week I had last week, I can’t say that I was all psyched up to do a long run on Sunday. I went to a new place that I thought might be good, but it turns out … Continue reading

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Stormy Wednesday Night

I am slowly bouncing back to where I should be. Had a decent 4.5 mile run on the treadmill yesterday, and looking forward to doing it again. Kinda. I think part of my problem is that I’m having to run … Continue reading

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Banging my head against a WALL.

There is a good reason I haven’t blogged much this week —– IT SUCKED. Tuesday’s treadmill 4 was the only time this week I felt like I had it, everything else has been completely off. From schedule to just the … Continue reading

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Whirlwind weekend

I told The Man tonight that I felt pretty proud of myself. The best way for me to feel good about myself is to be very productive. If I get something done, something substantial, I can finally relax and not … Continue reading

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A Sunday for the Dogs

Today marks the completion of my first week of half-marathon training and the day of my long run. It was “only” a 4 miler today, and I say “only” because I was up to 6 miles a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Tuesday I was scheduled to run 3 miles, but it was my Christmas concert day at school and that just wasn’t going to happen, so I missed it. Wednesday, well, lemme tell you ’bout Wednesday. My sisters and I have … Continue reading

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So…. ¬†as happens after I have achieved something I work so hard to accomplish, I took a break. After my 10k almost TWO WEEKS ago, I maybe have run 3-4 times. And don’t ask about my eating patterns. Ugh. I … Continue reading

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