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The Hill

There’s a hill on my road that I despise. Well, despise might be a little strong, but I don’t like it very much at all. It makes me uncomfortable. It’s steep on both sides, creating a blind spot on the … Continue reading

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Springin’ into this thing

Yeah for running! I’ve missed it! I have not been very consistent for the last month, but I’m finally ready to get back in to it. If nothing else, it’s nice to have time to just be me by myself. … Continue reading

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Portland Shamrock Run

I had the pleasure of being invited by my sister and her boyfriend to join them in running the Shamrock Run in Portland, Oregon last weekend. This was the first 5k for my big sis, and I knew I wanted … Continue reading

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I have never, ever been a good runner. It’s just not really in my “nature”. I’m big boned and awkward and have been overweight since the moment I was born. No, really.. I was a 10+ lb baby. I have … Continue reading

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A Sunday for the Dogs

Today marks the completion of my first week of half-marathon training and the day of my long run. It was “only” a 4 miler today, and I say “only” because I was up to 6 miles a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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A Cold Run

Have I said that it is winter now? Well, it is. Like, cold. But I still have to run.  Today was a rest day. Yesterday I ran 3 miles in 30-something degree weather. I was warmer than the car. But … Continue reading

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So….  as happens after I have achieved something I work so hard to accomplish, I took a break. After my 10k almost TWO WEEKS ago, I maybe have run 3-4 times. And don’t ask about my eating patterns. Ugh. I … Continue reading

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the penultimate run

Although limping around like a kicked dog the last couple of days with a stiff back, I loosened up a bit today and was ready to make my last training run before Saturday’s race. I have to say that it … Continue reading

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Like mother, like daughter?

Speaking of blessing my heart, this little girl does it every single day for me. My first born, my Abby. She knows momma goes running a lot. Yesterday she wanted to go with me, she wanted to run. I told … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone *outside*

I teach middle school kids how to play music. It’s a process, believe me. I start with showing them how to read notes, then we move to simple rhythms, holding the instrument, and finally, making sounds. The sounds aren’t very … Continue reading

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